Holotome Profile: Xiangliu
Placeholder person
Base Stats
Attack 7
Defense 7
Type Yama Titan Beast
Size Colossal
Special Ability Geyser Force
Sacrifice Soul
Poison Seal
Series Information
Titan created by {{{creator}}}.

Xiangliu is a colossal yama titan beast, who was once a rouge titan that lurked beneath the caves in Japan, Jack Direwolf had trouble bonding with him at the beginning, when he had to learn that you need to let yourself go and have some fun and when it is time you need to sacrifice something for whats right.


Xiangliu is a proud and stubborn titan, but still remains loyal to his seeker. Xiangliu has problems listening to his seeker, but when his seeker is in trouble he will risk everything to save him. This is why Jack was able to bond with such a deadly titan, due to his will to sacrifice himself for a cause.


Xiangliu has the ability to create large waves to attack his opponents with large considerable force, he is also able to summon powerful water tornadoes from each of his heads. He is able to cause the ground to crack and geyser’s like wave will erupt out. Due to his sacrifice Soul ability Xiangliu can absorb souls, while removing them from the source and sending them back to their amulets, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage. He is also able to spit out powerful acidic poison. 

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