Holotome Profile: White Stag
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 5
Type Gaia Titan Enchanter
Size Average
Special Ability White Magic


Series Information
Titan created by JackWerewolf-13.

White Stag is a Gaia titan Enchanter, whose amulet was imprisoned in a great oak tree, the blood spiral came to destroy the titan because of its life magic, but the titan was saved by Jack Direwolf. So then White Stag bonded with him and now they fight against the blood spiral.

His command is "Show them your light, White Stag"


White Stag is a proud but shy titan, he doesn't allow anyone to ride him do to his dignity he will only allow Jack his seeker to ride him.

White Stag - Amulet

White Stag's Amulet


White Stag is a fast titan that allows Jack to ride him, White Stag allows him to ride in a rocky terrain or races. White Stag can utilize the White Art: a form of magic typically used for help other people by healing the mind, body and/or soul. White Stag uses this type of magic tend to focus toward assisting others, purifying evil spirit, dispel curses, medical potions and respect all the rules about what is forbidden and not.

File:Stag - Symbol.png

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