I am working on a new Fan Fiction, which is crossover with My Little Pony Friendship is magic, which means if you are not familiar with MLP FiM then you won't be able to follow all that well (in addition there are a few MLP Season 4 spoilers in the story). I am unaware of any official Huntik fan fiction sites so it is posted on the story itself can be found here. The story itself has some Titans that on the official wiki and some that I have devised myself (some which are on the fanon wiki, but not all). I also introduce a new Legendary Titan in the second chapter (in a rather unusual way in my opinion) and provide some amusing interactions. I am unaware if any of the Titans I have fabricated amulets for have had their amulets descibed in other Huntik related fic or what those discriptions entail. However I will say that everything I present is free for your use as long as you drop me a line and just ask so I can help you. Enjoy.

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