Holotome Profile: Todd
Placeholder person
Biographical Information
Aliases None
Relations None
Base of Operations None
Group Affiliation(s) None
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Signature Abilities
Series Information
Character created by CrimsonChaos99.

Todd is a German Seeker.


Todd goes around collecting Titans from dead Seekers. He also goes around looking for powerful Seekers so he can kill them and take their Titans. He has killed Harrison Fears, Montehue, several Suits, and Klaus. He attempted to kill Dante, Zhalia and Grier, but failed; however he succeeding in taking some of their Titans. He was later captured by The Huntik Foundation. He is currently being held in the basement of The Huntik Foundation HQ


Todd has a variety of spells and titans at his disposal. Somehow he Powerbonded with ill-gotten Titans.

Spells Utilized

  • Augerfrost
  • Auraforce
  • Boltflare
  • Doublespell
  • Honorguard
  • Raypulse
  • Simplemind
  • Sorrowbond
  • Touchram

Bonded Titans

  • Albion, Powerbonded
  • Antedeluvian, Powerbonded
  • Conquistador
  • Efreet King
  • Fenris
  • Gar-Ghoul, Powerbonded
  • King Basilisk, Powerbonded
  • Madea, Powerbonded
  • Megataur, Powerbonded
  • Metagolem
  • Punisher, Powerbonded
  • Shadow Agent
  • Shakrit
  • Ymir

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