WIP -Erin's POV The show starts with two girls who come back from school for the summer; Erin and Shannon Pendragon. Michael Pendragon eventually comes back from work but gets called out in the evening... sounding a lot more grave than he usually does. After a bit of rummaging, he gives the two confused sisters a box each containing a random-looking necklace, with only one big charm and no beads. The girls get kissed goodbye and sent to bed... and the next morning he doesn't show up for breakfast. Or lunch. Erin has to amuse Shannon for hours until a bunch of strange suited guys knock on the door and ask to come in. Of cours Erin tells them no, but these guys sound more forceful than average. After three tries, one of them summons a Breaker to literally break the door down. The three men enter the room and start looting the house. Erin gets into a defensive stance and yells at the men to go away. The answer? A beat-up by another frightening Titan, which makes Shannon scream. Then Erin gets angry and tries to punch the man, but gets hit with an Augerfrost instead. She still tries her best to help out her sister, who is now cornered by the Breaker and crying her eyes out... And then a voice appears in Erin's head. "SUMMON ME, FOR GOODNESS' SAKE!" I sits up, surprised. and asks "Who is it?" The mysterious rough male voice says back: "The Titan in your necklace. Now summon me if you want to save your sister!" "How!? What?!" "Oh for goodness sake, it's taking a heck of a lot of power to talk to you even like this. Now hold your necklace up into the air and yell SPINNEL SUN!"

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