"The Burning Bow"
Chapter 1
Series Guide
"Neptunia the queen of sea"
Literary Information
Written date December 16, 2014‎
Series Information
New Information
Characters Master Yoi
Titans Furoji
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Fan-fiction created by DrCooper12.

The Huntik team are in Japan searching for Master Yoi. He is a Seeker who knows abilities that increase defense and attack because he is the Keeper of the Secrets of Furoji. Zahlia and Dante explore the city while Lok and Sophie practice karate moves. Suits then attack Sophie and Lok, surrounding the dojo. Lok and Sophie have no choice but to fight and call Ironsquare and Sabriel. Suits attempt to kidnapped Master Yoi, but he reveals his power as a Seeker, calling upon his Titan, Furoji, and defeating the Suits. The Huntik team locate Master Yoi, who then reveals the secrets Furoji to the team.

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