Holotome Profile: Strike Saucer
Placeholder person
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 2
Type Mecha-Titan Sharpshooter
Size Average
Special Ability Tractor Beam,

Abduction, Deathray

Series Information
Titan created by Cyberlord4444.


Strike Saucer is a large flying disk with mechanical details. The front has a visor that acts as the Titan's eyes. The underside has a large yellow crystal.


80% of all UFO sightings are swamp gas or other natural phenomena, 5% are unconfirmed, the remaining 15% are this Titan.


The gem on the bottom of Strike Saucer can generate a beam that can pick up objects. People and Titans can ride on top of Strike Saucer. Strike Saucer can fire lasers to attack.

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