This season of Huntik is created by the newcomer Bart-Star 75.
Series Information
Writer Bart-Star 75
Editor Bart-Star 75
Chapters 26


Four years have passed after the final battle of the Casterwill Members led by Sophie Casterwill and the Huntik Foundation against the Blood Spiral Brotherhood. Now, Dante Vale is a member of the Huntik Foundation Council, Lok Lambert is the leader of his Huntik Team along Sophie, Zhalia Moon, Hartison and Den Fears.

But Vladimiroff Putinofski, a very evil seeker with deadly powers leads the Blood Spiral Brotherhood alongside his high-trust soldiers, under the title of "the Betrayer's Legacy". He chases the two last Nullifiers which are hidden around the World, called Alius and Crios.

In other part, The Organization is now led by Orlock Barlowe, a consagrated fan of Simon Judeau and the succesor of Wilder. He possess a Midnight Rook as his familiar Titan and a powerful ring called Dominus.

Seekers, we have a new mission...

New Features

Like the Season 2, new Titans are included, new Powerbondings will be unleashed and a new feature is included: the Familiar Titans.

The Familiar Titans are seekers' companion which don't have amulet, like Cherit.


  1. The Resurrection of the Organization
  2. Cherit's Revelations
  3. The Darkened Legacy
  4. The Legendary Titan of Creation
  5. Treason in Council
  6. The Blood Spiral Guardian
  7. The Past of Den and Harrison
  8. Lok's Familiar
  9. The Petrifying Breath of Catoblepas
  10. Recapturing the Will Amulet
  11. The Ring of Dominus
  12. The Ancient Corpse
  13. The Guardian Cult
  14. Bonding with Austria
  15. Nightmare in Huntik
  16. Barlowe's Ambitions
  17. Vlad's Heart
  18. The Confidant of Vladimiroff
  19. Power of Alius
  20. Help from Klaus
  21. Two Legacies are confronted
  22. Rassimov's Corpse
  23. Our Last Hope
  24. Dominus is Unleashed
  25. Eden and Dominus, Heaven and Hell
  26. Casterwill's Ultimatum