Holotome Profile: Nympha
Base Stats
Attack 6
Defense 4
Type Krono-Type Sorcress
Size Average
Special Ability Harmony Song

Water Magic

Series Information
Users Jack DireWolf
Titan created by JackWerewolf-13.

Nympha is a Krono Titan, who was imprisoned deep in the pools of an old Roman Pool in Rome and due to the dark magic of the curse the Romans placed on the pool so that Nympha would never be free. But was then freed by a seeker who proved his alliance to nature by risking his life just so that she wood be free and the waters be pure again.

The summoning words for this titan is: "By the power of the sea, NYMPHA!!"


Nympha is a bubbly titan, she often plays around in the water when she is not during battle, when she is in battle she has a fast and strategic when facing an opponent.


Nympha has the ability to sing, which was at first considered useless, but was proven wrong. Her singing is able to incapacitate others, she is able to use her voice to draw in her enemies or then use it too send out a large sonic scream. She is also able to gift her seeker with the ability to breath and see clearly in water. She also has the ability to leave water and is able to hover in air. When in combat situations she is able to create a large shield to defend other or herself, she is also able to send water magical bursts at her enemies or summon large amounts of waves or control water itself.

File:Nympha - Icon.gif
Nympha - Amulet

Nympha's amulet

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