Holotome Profile: Nidhogg
Base Stats
Attack 8
Defense 7
Type Litho Titan Sentinel
Size Large
Special Ability Yggdrasil Earth
Energy Breath
Series Information
Titan created by JackWerewolf-13.

Nidhogg is a Litho Titan Sentinel, who was found in the cavern underneath stone hedge by Jack Direwolf, it is mostly used ton\ defend against high powered titans, its skin is so think nothing can penetrate it.

The command to summon this titan is "Slay them my terror, Nidhogg"


Nidhogg is at times distant and will ruthlessly attack anyone who tries to hurt his seeker.


Nidhogg Amulet

Nidhogg's Amulet

File:Nidhogg Symbol.jpg

Nidhogg is able to Summon large roots to bind and attack his opponents, he is also able to climb walls and is also capable of projecting energy blasts from his mouth. Said energy can either be simple or continuous beams. Nidhogg is also able to summon large amounts of earth attacks.

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