"New Seeker and New Enemy"
Chapter 1
Series Guide
"Dante's Return"
Literary Information
Written date 18 September 2015
Series Information
New Information
Characters Dominic
Hunters of Nobilian
Titans Cobroid
Spells Deathcut
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Fan-fiction created by DiamondBlade11.

Siberian Plateau, Spiral Mark
The Casterwills and Huntik Foundation fought against the Blood Spiral to save the world. Meanwhile, Dante managed to use Copykind on Phoenix's powers to rise from the ashes. He grabbed the Betrayer, and Lok threw the Willblade into the heart of the Betrayer through the Spiral Symbol on his chest. They managed to save the world from the end.


After the defeat of Blood Spirals, Lok is still thinking about his father. Sophie tries to calm him down. But at that time, a new enemy emerges - the Hunters of Nobilian. They tried everything they could, until a brave kid, Dominic, shows up. He invokes one of his best Titans, Cobroid. Den invokes Vigilante to fight. Since Nobilian Hunters hadn't invoked their Titans, they retreated. Dominic warns Huntik team that they are going to be back.

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