Holotome Profile: Nepthys
Placeholder person
Base Stats
Type Legendary Sorcerer/Warrior
Size Large
Powerbonding Attack 9
Powerbonding Attack 9
Special Ability Levitate
Powerbonding Ability Honor Light

Twilight Water

Series Information
Users Lady Casterwill

Jack Direwolf

Titan created by JackWerewolf-13.

Nephthys is the power bonded legendary titan of Loyalty, she is bonded to Jack Direwolf. She was originally bonded to Casterwill's wife, Lady Huntik as a gift to her and to help her defend against the Nullifiers.

Her summoning command is "Arise, Legendary Titan of Loyalty, Nephthys."


Nephthys was one of the legendary titans that Lord Casterwill summoned, like Pendragon, Nepthys was bonded to a non Casterwill, that seeker was Lady Casterwill. Nepthys was used to combat against the Nullifer and she used her magic to subdue Demigorgon and Void.

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