Holotome Profile: Mutier
Placeholder Titan
Base Stats
Attack 8
Defense 5
Type Meso-Titan Quester
Size Medium
Special Ability Energy Attack, Mutator
Powerbonding Stats
Attack 9
Defense 6
Special Ability Surface Flair, Mutation Sync
Series Information
Users Ruadan
First Appearance The Shining Bow
Titan created by Seeker11299.

Mutier is the signature titan of Ruadan.


Mutier is first used when Ruadan's Blood Spiral team battle the Huntik team to take possession of Apollo's Bow. He defeats defeats Ironsquire and Sabriel.


Mutier is a master of energy and is able to conduct it through him. He can create an aura around a target and start eletrocuting them. He can also levitate in the air and is able to carry others too. His eyebeams are highly powerful and dazzling.


  • Mutier's command is "Capture their Souls".