Holotome Profile: Matt
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Character created by CrimsonChaos99.

Matt is a Seeker from Iceland.


At an unknown time he got trapped in the Darkvoid where he bonded with the Cavalier and Archwarder sent into the Darkvoid by Rassimov. At an unknown point in time between his third and fourth appearances he obtained some of Dante's Titans.


He is aggressive and fun-loving but powerful.


Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans

  • Anubian (Given by Dante)
  • Archwarder (Rescued from Darkvoid)
  • Black Scarabese X4 (Given by Dante)
  • Cavalier (Rescued from Darkvoid)
  • Elf King Oberon (Given by Dante)
  • Gold Scarabese (Given by Dante)
  • Matrix
  • Metagolem (Given by Dante)
  • Moonscar
  • Responder
  • Scorpio


  • Matt is short for Mattur which means "power" in Icelandic.