Holotome Profile: Kayle Dolfin
Kayle Dolfin
Biographical Information
Aliases "Lion Lady"
Base of Operations Venice, Italy
Group Affiliation(s) The Huntik Foundation
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Signature Abilities
Signature Titan(s) Chriselion
Series Information
First Appearance Under Protection
Character created by Choryunami.

Kayle Dolfin is a female seeker of the Huntik Foundation. She comes from Venice, Italy and she may also have Florentine or Tuscan origins as well. Her mother may have been from Florence or its surroundings.

BIRTHDAY: 15 January
NICKNAMES: "Lion Lady"
FAVOURITE FOOD: Venetian style liver, Sacher torte
FAVOURITE DRINK: Spritz, lemon iced tea
LIKES: lion themed Titans, her hometown, missions around the world (though she's often busy studying at the headquarters or in the Florence base)


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