Holotome Profile: JInn Master
Placeholder person
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 2
Type Swara-Titan Sorcerer
Size Average
Height 6 feet 2 inch
Weight 0 pounds
Special Ability Magic Overcharge, Mirror Image
Series Information
Titan created by Vangaurdmaster47.

Jinn master is a Swara-Titan who sparked the Arabic legend of the Genies and is theorized to be utilized by the leader of the Arabian Knights. He gives of a natural red and orange illumination. Being a Sorcerer Titan, he is able to cast Boltflare and Enderflame without any effort, which he uses as a primary offence.


Jinn master was theorized to be the Titan that sparked the Arabic legend of the Genies , he was suspected to be mainly utilized by the Arabian Knights who were Seekers. But as time passed, and the Arab Empire fell, their Amulets became a myth and their amulets hidden away.

Vans's Jinn Master

One of such amulets was locked away within the city of Petra, in a vault that required the Infamous Lamp of Magi to unseal. Centuries later, a seeker named Van was passed down the Lamp of Magi from his Father. Remembering the bedtime stories that his father had told him, he pieced the puzzel together and claimed the Titan in the name of the Huntik Foundation.


Jinn master is a wild card. He is fairly mischievous, even in battle. His unpredictability gives him an upper hand in battle, as others are unable to anticipate his next move.


Jinn Master can use a multitude of magic spells to combat enemies in battle ranging from offensive magic to defensive magic to even illusion magic if nessisary. When power bonded jinn master can create a magic bottle that can absorb and reflect magic back at an opponent, and can create powerful mirage illusions to confuse or trick enemies. When threatened, Jinn Master still has a few tricks up his sleeves,

Magic Overcharge

Using all the energy left, Jinn Master spews forth a storm of fiery fury. When this happens, his eyes blazes a bright yellow, and the fire spells he cast glows blue with the immense heat that it produces. During this form, he is able to sent back Giant Titans such as Ymir back into their amulets. But doing this would drain all of his energy and he would then go back into his amulet.

Mirror Image

Jinn Master is also able to produce illusions of himself or his seeker to confuse his enemy, he is able to produce up to 3 images at one time. Although these illusions are unable to cast spells, they are still tangible. Maintaining more than 1 image usually requires concentration from Jinn Master, hence slowing his reaction and limiting his other casting abilities,


-Jinn Master is somewhat based off the Genie from Disney's Aladdin.

-Jinn Master is the cousin of Yama-Titan Ninjena.

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