Holotome Profile: Jagwarrior
Placeholder Titan
Base Stats
Type Meso-Titan
Series Information
Titan created by Brainosaur.

Jagwarrior is a powerful Meso-Titan. Jagwarrior is an imposing figure. He is bipedal dressed like an Aztec warrior who has the head and fur of a Jaguar. It was used by the leader of the Aztec Jaguar Warrior order. Jagwarrior is closely related to Sekhmet.


Jagwarrior was used by the Jaguar Warriors to terrify their opponents into surrender.


If you want to see what Jagwarrior looks like, find a picture of an Aztec Jaguar Warrior. Now imagine a jaguar-man dressed like that, minus the jaguar skin.


He wields a double edged barbed obsidian sword. He also wields an atlatl that fires giant spearlike arrows.