Holotome Profile: Jack Direwolf
Placeholder person
Biographical Information
Aliases The Sea Wolf
Base of Operations His Home in Australia
Base of Operations Huntik HQ
Group Affiliation(s) Huntik
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Multicolored Blue
Signature Abilities
Signature Spell(s) Riptide


Signature Titan(s) Lycan King

Amazon Nympha

Series Information
Character created by JackWerewolf-13.
Jack Direwolf is a seeker that works for the Huntik Foundation, he is a young but powerful seeker whose specialty is bonding with rouge and dangerous titan's. He believes that titans are suppose to be used for good and that evil seekers corrupt their titans in being something they weren't meant to be.


Jack has a kind and gracious person who would do anything for the Huntik counsel and for the Casterwills. Jack believes that people should have a chance of freedom in life, and thats why he fights for the people that don't have a voice or a free life.

While doing his job as a seeker he has a cool and serious mood, while still retaining his positive attitude. He doesn't fool around when his friends and teammate’s are in trouble. Jack is active and bossy when needed. He is always focused and concentrated in missions. When fighting his opponents his gives them a chance to surrender but if they don’t he shows no mercy till the fight is over. Jack will never take a life in any case. 


Despite his age Jack is a powerful seeker with many titan partners who he loves with all his heart.

Spells Utilized

Titan's Bonded (Fan)

Titans bonded (Huntik)

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