Holotome Profile: Inari
Placeholder person
Base Stats
Attack 7
Defense 5
Type Legendary Sorceress
Height 6' 9"
Weight 240 lb
Special Ability Illusions, Burning Attack
Series Information
Titan created by Tinkertock.

Inari is the inspiration for the Shinto deity of the same name. She is the Legendary Titan of Cunning. She possesses many of personality traits that are often associated with the kitsune, primarily her superior wit and "playful trickster" persona.


Inari is a distinct titan that only two other seekers other than her original seeker were aware of her, those two being Lord Casterwill himself and the Champion of Casterwill. Her original seeker was a young girl who was akin to a thief when the Champion of Casterwill found her and brought her before Lord Casterwill, both of them decided that girl and whatever titans she held were to be kept secret from the rest of Casterwills. The decision was made before The Betrayer made himself known, but during a time when Lord Casterwill and the Champion of Casterwill both had suspicions that one of their allies wasn't entirely genuine. It was decided after Inari was revealed to the Champion of Casterwill that this Legendary Titan would be a sort of secret contingency should the worst be near or come to come to pass.


Inari can create illusions that can fool most of the senses, touching them usually ruins the charade, but often times she will turn the illusions into a game of sorts by giving the features seen a slight foxy look to them.

Her Burning attack allows her to generate and manipulate a fire that ranges in color she desires, the fire can also "burn" only her intended targets

Design History

Inari's appearance of a nine tailed white fox is taken from the description given in Shinto lore, where she is often treated as a principle deity. I didn't notice any Legendary Titans that could be described as being part of the Yama-Titan family. Inari derives her appearance from her namesake and abilities from lore regarding the kitsune.

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