Holotome Profile: Hypnos
Placeholder person
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 9
Type Krono-Titan Spirit
Size Large
Height 1.5m
Weight 0.1g
Special Ability Subconscious Manipulation, Illusions, Shapeshift
Series Information
Titan created by Cure Fluffy.

Hypnos is the Legendary Titan of Dreams.


Hypnos can manipulate people's minds to make them see anything, but it usually takes the form of a shining blue pegasus with cloud-like windy hair. It has deep black eyes and little coloured flecks and sparkles appear on it.


Erin came across a picture and a description of Hypnos in a book about Titans in Clarisse's house. It often visits Erin's dreams at night and manipulates them.


Hypnos can actually be quite weak in physical combat, its main strength dwells in that which is not actually there. Hypnos can create illusions and infiltrate people's and Titans' heads to make them think certain things. Outside of battle, it often controls and creates people's dreams. Hypnos is summoned from the Crown of Dreams.


Hypnos was named after the Greek god of sleep. (according to Rick Riordan)

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