Holotome Profile: Fixer Gremlin
Placeholder person
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 3
Type Mecha-Titan Scout
Size Small
Special Ability Handyman


Series Information
Titan created by Cyberlord4444.

Fixer Gremlin is a Mecha-Titan scout that has a penchant for taking things apart and putting them together.


Fixer Gremlin is a small elf-like being with tan skin. He also wears a set of overalls and an old fashioned hard hat


Fixer Gremlins were first sighted during the industrial revolution, and were immensely valuable to Seekers of the time. However, they didn't go into widespread use until World War 2, when Nazi Seekers used them to disrupt various Allied installations. Allied Seekers quickly found ways to counter them, leading to the development of the QuickFix Power.


Fixer Gremlin has an uncanny ability to instantly understand any device he comes across. He can use this to cause them to stop working, or repair damaged ones to perfect condition.

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