Holotome Profile: Crypt Paladin
Placeholder person
Base Stats
Attack 7
Defense 6
Type Draco Titan Warrior
Size Large
Special Ability Death Blade
Shadow Knight
Eclipse Fighter
Series Information
Users Jack Direwolf
Titan created by JackWerewolf-13.

Crypt Paladin is a large Draco Titan warrior bonded to Jack Direwolf, Crypt Paladin was hidden in the tomb of Queen Victoria, Jack was able to recover this titan before the organization did.


Crypt Paladin may look imposing, but he's really just a curious titan who's looking to settle down with the right seeker, who is Jack Direwolf.


Crypt Paladin has great skill over his sword fighting, which can be enhanced by releasing his sword to attack from afar; he can also summon a swarm of shadows from inside the armour. He also has the ability to summon mummies from the ground with varying effects, also being able to temporarily haunt one. His Special Ability is Eclipse Fighter, using sheer will to stay and fight to recover his health. 

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