Holotome Profile: Cortik
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Group Information
Notable Members Chase
Headquarters Cortik Base, Latvia
Purpose To save world from evil
Signature Abilities
Series Information
First Appearance Return of the Evil
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Content created by Henry Mills 25102000.

Cortik is an organized confederation of Seekers, historians, professors, and adventurers. The Cortik goal is to save world from evil. They learn spells and battle skills to defend them selves and fight against enemies, and help to innocent people. The Cortik was created sometime in 2013. The Cortik is led by a 12-person council based at the Cortik Base in Latvia. The top members of Cortik are Chase, Dante, and Lok.


The Cortik has lot of small bases around the world and other dimensions.


Lot of Cortik's missions are finding Titans and artifacts. Some missions are to fight against other factions.

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