Holotome Profile: Cobroid
Base Stats
Attack 6
Defense 5
Type Swara-Titan Warrior
Size Large
Powerbonding Attack 8
Powerbonding Defense 7
Special Ability Flight
Acid Blast
Rattle Sound Wave
Powerbonding Ability Acidic Bomb
Rattle Shield
Fear Cry
Series Information
Users Dominic
First Appearance Friend, Enemy or "Pest"
Titan created by DiamondBlade11.

Cobroid is an extremely powerful snake-like titan. It is a combination of Cobra and Rattlesnake, cause it appears that Cobroid has a rattle on it's tail. It is also the large cousin of Venomaster, except that it's not humanoid.


In Friend, Enemy or "Pest", once Dominic is on trouble against Conquistador, he powerbonded with Cobroid to defeat the Conquistador. The appearance of Powerbonded Cobroid is similar, except with 2 arms, golden armor, helmet and red gems on chest, helm and gold gloves. It also has a bit of golden protection on it's tail.


It appears that Cobroid has the ability to fly, just like Lindorm. It can also spit out acid like Kreutalk, but more powerful. Since it has a rattle on it's tail, it can make rattle sound waves. It has only one weakness: it's only vulnerable part is chest, but it is hard to hit it when Cobroid dodges every time.



  • Cobroid's Summoning command is "Overtake them," and "Fierce battles,"

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