Holotome Profile: Blocker
Placeholder Titan
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 6
Type Meso-Titan Warrior
Size Large
Height 11 feet 7 inches
Weight 765 pounds
Special Ability Power Grab
Powerbonding Stats
Attack 7
Defense 8
Special Ability Piercing Grab
Series Information
Users Lok Lambert
Titan created by CrimsonChaos99.

Blocker is an tall and hairy humanoid wearing a gold helmet and gold boots. Some Blockers have no armor, Seekers believe these have inspired the stories of Bigfoot and similar creatures. Blockers have either black, brown, red, gray, white or blond hair, however the last one is rare.


Blocker Titans have been found in ancient records from North America and Asia.


Blocker is large and extremely strong.


  • Armorless Blockers have are believed to have inspired the stories of North America's Bigfoot, Florida's Skunk Ape, Australia's Yowie, China and Nepal's Yeti, Mongolia's Alma, and Vietnam's Wildman.