Holotome Profile: Artemis
Base Stats
Attack 8
Defense 3
Type Gaia Titan Archer
Size Average
Special Ability Teleport

Rapid Shot Elemental Arrows

Series Information
Users Jack Direwolf
Titan created by JackWerewolf-13.

Artemis is a Krono Titan Archer, who is incredibly fast and has a deadly shot. She was he keeper to an organisation general after being found in Temple of Artemis, in Greece. She was summoned after she collected and forced to fight against Jack Direwave, but she purposely missed Jack and directed her arrows at the general. Jack then defeated the general and Artemis bonded with him instead.

Her summoning command is "Lend me your bow, Artemis"


Artemis is a fun loving titan who never misses a shot, she likes to play joke's on her seeker. She is still kind and generous.


Artemis has an incredible aptitude for the ways of bow and arrow, being able launch multiple arrows with one shot, use the bow as a melee weapon. She is able to shoot out arrows with certain magic channeled in it such as ice, smoke, lightning and fire arrows. She is also able to teleport to short distances.

Artemis Amulet

Artemis's Amulet

File:Artemis Icon.jpg

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