Holotome Profile: Anteon
Placeholder person
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 4
Type Draco-Titan Scout
Size Average
Height 4 feet 3 inches
Weight 105 pounds
Powerbonding Stats
Powerbonding Attack 5
Powerbonding Defense 7
Special Ability Limited Flight
Power Blasts
Powerbonding Ability Mind Strike
Life Scramble
Series Information
Users Zhalia Moon
First Appearance Lost Words
First Powerbonding Lok's Trial
Last Appearance Return of The Betrayer
Titan created by {{{creator}}}.

Anteon is a bat-like Titan.


His icon shows his tail, spikes and gem. His powerbonding icon show his face, frills and horn.


  • His summoning command is Make Them Appear.
  • His mind strike lets him see invisible titans.

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